Spikes School Programs

The State College Spikes mascots, players and front office staff are ready to come to your school! Through the years, over 40 elementary, middle school and high schools participated in one of the Spikes designated school programs. The Spikes offer a variety of different school programs, each using the Spikes brand of fun entertainment to deliver an educational message to students.

Spikes School Programs FAQ

How do the Spikes School Programs work?
The Spikes provide a free assembly and complimentary baseball tickets as an incentive to promote education, reading, positive behavior, proper nutrition, exercise or environmentally-friendly behavior. Ike the Spike and the Spikes staff will perform assemblies to an entire school or to single classrooms.

Is there any cost?
No, the Spikes school programs are completely free of charge for all participants and schools. The Spikes take great pride in giving back to the local community through our school programs.

How do I schedule a Spikes School Program?
Contact the Spikes at (814) 272-1711 or e-mail jputnam@statecollegespikes.com to set up a time and select a program that works for your school's curriculum!

School Programs Roster

Teachers or parents with questions about any of the Spikes’ school programs can contact the Spikes at (814) 272-1711 or e-mail the Spikes here.