The State College Spikes will again host FOUR (4) designated Bark in the Park nights during the 2023 season, allowing fans the opportunity to bring their dog with them to the ballpark, presented by the Centre Daily Times!

2023 Dates

The four designated Bark in the Park dates for the 2023 season are:

Bark in the Park Rules & Regulations

Keeping in mind that not everyone attending these nights is a "dog person," we ask fans bringing their four-legged friend to the ballpark to observe these basic rules so that everyone (whether they have two legs or four) can have a fun, memorable night at the ballpark!

Where to the Enter the Ballpark
All dog owners should enter the ballpark through the designated "doggie gate," which is slated to be Gate G at the main ballpark ticket plaza. Owners are required to show up-to-date vaccination records, and must sign a liability waiver in order to bring you dog into the ballpark.

Doggie Tickets and Seating Areas
Dogs are not required to have a ticket. Only human companions need a ticket for Bark in the Park Night! Fans with dogs should enter the ballpark through the "doggie gate" after providing the dog's shot records and signing the liability waiver form.

Dogs are only permitted to sit with their human companions in the Outfield Bleacher seating section, or in the Pepsi Picnic Pavilion if room permits. Dogs can also roam the ballpark concourse, but are not permitted in any other seating sections in the main seating bowl.

In the event Outfield Bleacher seats are sold out, fans with dogs can purchase a $5 Standing-Room-Only ticket and sit or stand on the main concourse. Please note that Standing Room tickets will only be available once the Outfield Bleacher seating section is filled.

Click here for information on how to purchase tickets in person, over the phone or online.

Doggie Water and Restroom Areas
Water and doggie pools will be provided for dogs on the first-base side of the main concourse, near the entrance to the Spikes Fun Deck, and on the third-base side of the main concourse, near the Geisinger Kids Zone.

Once inside the ballpark, the "doggie restroom" area will be in Porter Gardens (located by Gate J and the Team Offices gate). Of course, fans are expected to clean up after their dogs and baggies will be provided in that area. Should your dog have an accident inside the ballpark, please alert your nearest Spikes usher or staff member so they can alert the cleaning crew immediately.

Other General Bark in the Park Night Guidelines

  • All dogs must be on a leash at all times
  • The Spikes ask fans to observe a 1:1 human-to-dog ratio. We understand that many families have multiple dogs, so please recruit a friend to come along if you have more than one dog attending!
  • Fans are permitted to bring food and water into the ballpark for their dogs ONLY. Human food and drinks are not permitted to be brought inside the ballpark.
  • If your dog is known to be aggressive around other dogs, please be extra careful, or refrain from bringing your dog to the ballpark. Dogs who show aggression to other dogs or humans will be asked to leave the ballpark.
  • Have fun! The Spikes are pleased to provide a rare event in a public facility that permits people to attend with their dogs. Your cooperation and control of your dog will make the night fun and successful, even for those who don't have a dog!