Become a Member of the Scrappers Family

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a future Jose Ramirez, Francisco Lindor or Shane Bieber living under your roof? These three baseball legends -- and many more -- began their professional baseball careers with the Mahoning Valley Scrappers. And now the Scrappers, a founding member of the MLB Draft League, are currently looking for host families to house their 2024 crop of potential superstars for the summer season.

Whether you’re empty nesters, parents of young, baseball-obsessed children, or somewhere in-between– the host family program could be a perfect fit for you. At first it may seem like a big step to take, but as many former and current host families will tell you, it can be one of the most rewarding decisions you can make.

The Pace Family said, “2023 was our first season as a host family with the Scrappers, and looking back I can’t believe we waited so long to give it a try. My husband and I were initially apprehensive about welcoming strangers into our home, but we quickly realized just how wonderful of an experience this was going to be. We provided our players with a safe place to stay and in return they filled our hearts with many lasting memories. Memories such as gathering around our dinner table and sharing stories of how they got here, to showing up at our son’s baseball games and showering him with love and encouragement. The only negative thing I can say about this experience is that the baseball season is too short! Saying goodbye to those players who became like family was harder than we thought, but we have been lucky to remain in contact with them and follow along with some of their journeys through the minor leagues!”

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What is required from a host family is simple and straightforward. In fact, if you have an extra room available in your house, you’re more than halfway there. Hosting a player can mean as little as having a roommate that doesn’t pay rent, and as much as adding a life-long member to your family. How involved you get really depends on you and your schedule.

“Some families cook for their players, show them around the Valley, take them out to dinner, invite them to family parties etc., but none of that is necessary. All families also have different rules for their players that can be put in place at their discretion.” explained Roxanne Polichetti, Host Family Coordinator for the Scrappers.

“We have families that have been with us since before I came here in 2015 and they still love it,” Polichetti said. “They keep in touch with the players they’ve housed over the years, and even attend their weddings many years down the road.”

”Being a host family for the Mahoning Valley Scrappers in the MLB Draft League has been an incredibly rewarding experience. As a former baseball family, it’s given us the unique opportunity to stay closely connected to the game we love so much. Welcoming these young, talented players into our home has not only allowed us to support them in their journey towards their dreams but also to form deep, meaningful relationships that we’re confident will last a lifetime. Watching them grow and develop on and off the field is truly a privilege, and the sense of community and camaraderie that comes with being part of the Scrappers family is something truly special. It’s more than just baseball; it’s about building bonds and making a difference in these young athletes’ lives. We couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this amazing experience.” said dedicated host “mom”, Monica Hammond.

In addition to the opportunity to become a part of the Scrappers team, gain a new member of the family, and for many, create memories that extend past the summer - host families receive a variety of great benefits including:

-Complimentary season tickets

-Parking pass

-Use of a suite for a game

-Discounts on concessions and merchandise

-On-Field recognition during a game

-Monthly Eastwood Mall gift card

For additional questions or comments, please contact Roxanne Polichetti at 330-505-0000 or email